Julie Provino You Should Know...
  • Founder of VeryNLP - Specialising in Executive Business, Sales & Entrepreneur NLP Training
  • Founding Director of VeryHR - Specialising in HR in Europe

About The Trainers... Julie:

In reflecting back over my career, I have learned that I get most excited about partnering with leaders to solve business problems through people and talent.
For me, it is enabling managers at all levels, leaders and entrepreneurs to truly understand human behaviour & relationships. I class my learning NLP as a 'RE-defining' moment for me. I gained a greater understanding of people and what makes them tick as well as how to leverage the skills and talents of my team, colleagues and even myself.
Although I absolutely love to 'get stuff done' it is also about the relationships, experiences and having fun along the way.
I encourage you to contact me now if you are looking to either maximise your own potential OR even if you are looking for a change of career path or missing piece of YOU.
Speak soon,
Julie x
You Should Know...
  • Founder of Switch On NLP- Specialising in Executive Business, Sales & Entrepreneur NLP Training

About The Trainers... Natalie:

As a Coach and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, I have a proven track record of making the most of the tools and techniques I teach in order to achieve excellence in my own life. I share this story in my book 'Switch On!: How To Think Differently And Unlock Your True Potential With NLP'.
I also contribute monthly articles to specialist NLP websites such as Inspire 360, the UK's number one NLP training institute, with the aim of sharing a way of thinking that helps others to become more of themselves in every way. I have first-hand experience of what it takes to smash through seemingly impossible challenges, and I have a passion for helping people discover their own untapped potential and hidden resources.
Through the coaching and writing I do, my core mission is to offer an empowering and exciting perspective on life to my clients and audiences (business or private), one which leads to deep and long-lasting positive change, and equips them with resources for successful living in all areas of their life.
I am a keen distance runner, and my other great passion in life is fiction writing; I am the author of five novels (the fifth will be out in May 2017.)

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"The overall experience of spending 7 full days studying NLP with a group of other delegates were fantastic. The trainers were fantastic, very passionate and knowledgeable within the world of NLP. We had a lot of opportunities to discuss the topics and ask questions."

Madeleine Isaksson

Designation: International HR enthusiast, HR Consultant and Business Partner

Overall experience - 10/10
Delivery of the programme - 10/10
How likely are you to recommend this training? - 10/10

The trainers know how to catch attention because they know their subject and they love it!

Paul – Attended NLP course in June 2017

"Julie is a dedicated person, keen to help on every occasion. Even under pressure, she remains friendly, focused and professional. Julie is a great team player and it's a pleasure to work with her."

Agnes Tajedini

Designation: Management Consultant

"Julie always brightens a room. Julie has been great at helping me get up to speed. Julie is quite knowledgeable and pleasantly high energy! Fun to work with. Highly Recommended."

Sheri Rodgers

Designation: Senior Consultant

    "I have had a very positive experience with Julie. Her commitment is extremely impressive and it genuinely a pleasure to work with someone who is passionate about their role. I work crazy hours and I always admire someone who is just as dedicated."

Colin Kleine

Designation: Career Coach

What one of our students had to say about recent training:

Executive NLP Training

Providing specialist NLP training to Managers, leaders & sales representatives.

Powerful Strategies

Retrain your mind, eradicate personal sticking points and learn to communicate better.

Proven Results

Join a growing community of exceptional leaders & managers taking the lead on their development.

The Winning Code

The most powerful strategies from many of the most successful specialists condensed for you.

Maximized Productivity

Learn to do more and get more with far less than you ever thought possible.

Enhanced Online Learning

Bonus: Exclusive access to the nation's most comprehensive NLP media resource.


What Others Say

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training and can honestly say it's one of the best and most thought-provoking courses that I've done. Julie and Nat make an excellent team and I really like how they bounced off each other throughout the five days."


"How to summarise it in a couple of sentences? I've taken away a huge boost in my confidence thanks to reflection on my own journey, and I have found a set of tools which will enable me to approach professional and personal relationships with a more empowered perspective. I feel like someone has unscrewed the top of my head, given my thinking a good clean, and sent me out with my eyes open. It's a great feeling."

"The passion these guys have for the subject matter is phenomenal, and ensures their delivery of the program is insightful and very effective. Julie and Nat have a wonderful gift for talking through questions with students to ensure understanding, and sharing personal experiences from their NLP journeys to illuminate their points."


"Since doing the training it seems that every five minutes I'm talking to someone about the NLP ideas and concepts I've taken away - I have already loaned my copy of Nat's book to a colleague and I am telling everyone that asks I know some excellent trainers..."


"The trainers were fantastic, very passionate and knowledgeable within the world of NLP. They generously shared their skills and experience and gave many opportunities for one-to-one support. The overall experience of spending 7 full days studying NLP with a group of other delegates were fantastic."

Why Choose VeryNLP?

Here are just 3 reasons why Very NLP Courses are the right fit for you:

Specific To Business

Though there are other NLP training providers, none of them offer a truly specific business, management and leadership related course. With VeryNLP you benefit from Julie's corporate HR experience infused with powerful mindset and language techniques.

Best Training, Shortest Timeframe

Simply put, the VeryNLP training courses are the best possible training for you delivered in the shortest time frame. This doesn't mean we cut corners... it just means we have sorted the wheat from the chaff providing the right material for you.

Experienced Trainer

Our trainers began their careers in HR management and in the business environment before developing theirĀ NLP skills. Few trainers provide the knowledge, expertise AND enthusiastic delivery that you can expect with VeryNLP.

Specialist NLP In Business, Sales & Management.


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